Washoe County Economic Indicators-November/December 2011-Part 1

Our last blog focused on data for October 2011.  Since then, both November and December data has become available.  Since the blog attempts to cover latest economic data available, we will skip November data and focus on December values, with the exception of taxable sales and taxable gaming revenue, data for which is available through November 2011 only.

As always, data is provided for the latest available period, the period immediately prior to the latest period and the data for the same period the year before. For example, Visitor Count data, available for December 2011 (current period) is compared to November 2011 data (previous period) and December 2010 (same period previous year).


Data for population, assessed value and personal income is the same as in the previous report; please see the October indicators for a detailed discussion.

County taxable sales decreased by 9.3% from October, but increased by 5.3% from November of previous year.  Taxable gaming revenue continued to decrease, falling between October and November of 2011, though revenue did increase by 1.4% from November of previous year.

Consumer price index increased by 2.75% between December 2010 and 2011, but fell slightly between November and December 2011.


Washoe County’s tourism outlook as of December 2011 is bright, with all indicators showing positive growth.  Area visitors, available rooms, occupied rooms, resulting room occupancy rates, and average room rate increased between November and December 2011 and December 2010.

Note: Tourism indicators are highly seasonal, changing from month to month.  As a result, comparing the current period to the previous period may not be a good indicator of growth or decline, the comparison of the same period in current and previous year is more accurate.


The employment picture for Washoe County was less positive.  Labor force numbers continue to decline, the County’s labor force numbers decreased by 2.36% between December 2010 and December 2011.  While the number of unemployed workers has also declined significantly since December 2010, between November and December 2011, this number grew by 2.27%.  This resulted in an unemployment rate of 11.9%, which is 14.4% lower than in December 2010, but 2.3% higher than in November.

No new data for new unemployment claims and average weekly wage is available.

Please see next week’s blog for residential and commercial real estate market indicators and conclusions regarding the meaning of indicator changes.

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