Washoe County-Where the jobs are

It is common knowledge that Washoe County, along with the rest of the State, is experiencing high unemployment.  Though the unemployment rate has declined from a high of 15.1% in January 2010, to 13% in June 2011, it is still considerably higher than the low of 3.4% in October of 2006.  Since the peak in the employment counts in 2007, Washoe County lost approximately 37,000 jobs, or 17% of all jobs employed in 2007.

This series of blogs discusses the distribution of these job losses among Washoe County employment sectors and compares it to the national employment changes using a technique known as the Shift-Share model.

As mentioned above, Washoe County lost approximately 17% of its jobs since 2007.  The table above shows the numeric and percent change in Washoe County jobs, by sector.  The Construction sector lost the highest number of jobs, dropping from employing 9% of all County workers in 2007 to 5% in 2011.  Other large employers, including Trade, Transportation and Utilities (22% of total employment in 2007), Leisure and Hospitality (18% of total employment in 2007), and Professional and Business Services (13% of total employment in 2007) all lost large numbers of employees during this period.

 In fact, all but two industries lost jobs during this period.  The only sector to grow its employment between 2007 and 2011 was Education and Health Services, which added 1,825 jobs.  The Natural Resources and Mining industry saw now change in employment.  The Government sector has also been less impacted than other sectors, though additional lay-offs in this sector are expected due to declining revenues for public entities.

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